Only the desperate, the driven, or the insane would leave the world of career and family to travel into the great unknown. Everybody who goes hopes for piles of easy money, but the more likely outcome is a shallow grave in some mouldering old tomb.

Of course, that’s a warning for somebody else. You’re better than all that. Go out there, and strike it rich.

Can’t Take the Sky is an old-school Planejammer box for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, second edition.

What does that mean? “Planejammer” refers to the fact that it combines story and setting materials from Planescape and Spelljammer, and the whole “old-school” and “box” part refers to the fact that it’s set up like a hexcrawl — there isn’t a specific plot in mind so much as a collection of story hooks and places to go. Hopefully the PCs will pick a direction and sail toward adventure.

That’s the idea, anyway.

Additionally, regarding the above banner image, credit where credit is due. Cropping and title done by myself. Image source:

archangel72367. “Safe Harbour” (2010, March 20). deviantArt. Retrieved January 26, 2015, from

Can't Take the Sky

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