Empress Uzerekid Wormwarper's Mummy Rot

House Band of Sid's Grub, Gas, and Grotto


Led by Jasmine Jackaldoom, daughter of Sid Jackaldoom, Empress Uzerekid Wormwarper’s Mummy Rot is the house band at Sid’s Gas, Grub, and Grotto in Västernorr. Mummy Rot plays a wide range of rock songs, but tend toward alternative, punk rock, or riot grrrl. In practice they tend to sound like a mash-up of Nico Vega and Snake River Conspiracy; go listen to “Beast” and “Vulcan” for an idea.

Also, credit where credit is due. Image source:

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Empress Uzerekid Wormwarper's Mummy Rot

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