Professor Dinatima Chaosdreamer

Scholar of Drow History and Drowtech


Professor Dinatima Chaosdreamer lives in Västernorr on Rockulon Prime. A drow, Professor Chaosdreamer is an avid student of drow history and apparently has a facility with ancient drow artifacts and technologies. Whenever she is not traveling, she commonly finds herself approached by scholars, junkers, and adventurers of all types.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, Professor Chaosdreamer sometimes teaches classes at the Västernorr annex of the University of Wiss Khan Sin.

Recently, however, Clash Ghostchanter and a group of local troubleshooters attempted to visit Professor Chaosdreamer, to no avail. They found her tower ransacked, and the professor herself missing. The only clue was a bloody thumbprint on the wall and a message written in charcoal:

Swing the hammer
Smash the walls
Grind their bones
And break their balls

The culprits have yet to be found, although Ulek Uurtag marked that the bloody mark and the screed are similar to the symbols of Erythnul’s cultists. Which seems a trifle strange as he is an Oerth deity, relatively unknown on Rockulon Prime.

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Professor Dinatima Chaosdreamer

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