The University of Wiss Khan Sin

The University of Wiss Khan Sin was established in 157 FY by the warlord and magus Wiss Khan Sin the Red (aka Khan Sin the Bloody-Handed) as a wizard’s college to preserve his legacy. In typical brutal fashion, Khan Sin subjected his charges to brainwashing and teaching techniques that basically amount to torture in an effort to find a worthy successor. His goal was to limit the graduating class to one survivor by attrition.

Fortunately for Rockulon Prime at large, Khan Sin’s mage training program was cut short by a party of adventurers and former students. They assassinated the old magus during his morning tea, but left his insane war college alone in the hopes that someone could do something with all the knowledge contained therein.

One of his former students, Raven Demonsoul, was just such a person. After removing the deathtraps, Professor Demonsoul restarted the University of Wiss Khan Sin as a wizard’s college. The university was opened to all scholars in 276 FY, and built its first annex in Lok Tooran in 304 FY.

Among other places, the University of Wiss Khan Sin has an annex in Västernorr.

Noted graduates and friends of the university include Dr. Karl Satan, Professor Dinatima Chaosdreamer, and Dr. Dagger Nazareth.

The University of Wiss Khan Sin

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