The town of Västernorr lies on the borderlands of the Phobetor, a blasted region created during the Drow War. Otaritu Doombird serves as the mayor of Västernorr.

Due to the dangerous mutants that occasionally emerge from the Phobetor, the city is walled, as is the surrounding farmland.

One of the major attractions in town is the local inn and mechanic’s garage, Sid’s Gas, Grub, and Grotto. Owned by Sid Jackaldoom, it also features the house band, Empress Uzerekid Wormwarper’s Mummy Rot. Sid’s daughter, Jasmine Jackaldoom, is the lead singer.

Enterprising merchants may also be interested in the Bizarre Bazaar in the Market Square. Merchants and scavengers of all stripes arrive to trade their wares.

Västernorr also contains an annex for the University of Wiss Khan Sin.


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